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Functional Medicine in Dallas, TX

What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine at Southwest Mind & Body Care is patient-centered, individualized care that takes a scientific approach to address the underlying cause of ailments. Our healthcare team combines modern medicine and alternative treatments to focus on holistic and integrative medicine. We care for the body as a whole to find the root cause of medical conditions and to heal. We understand that traditional healthcare does not accommodate a “one size fits all” model. Southwest Mind & Body Care is proud to offer functional medicine as a precision medical model to patients throughout the Dallas, TX area to provide the body with the tools to heal imbalances naturally. Schedule a consultation with our team to learn how functional medicine can help your quality of life.

What to Expect From Functional Medicine

Our goal is to provide safe, compassionate care to every patient. Our functional medicine practitioners treat not just the symptoms but also find the underlying imbalances and discover whether they result from nutritional deficiencies, environmental toxicities, food allergies, excessive stress, or other lifestyle issues. After conducting a thorough evaluation, examination, genetic history, and advanced testing, our team determines which resources will be most suitable for your ailments and formulate an individualized treatment protocol.

Proper, effective functional medicine protocols can effectively improve many conditions by addressing the root cause of the disease and not just the symptoms. These conditions include the following:

  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Detoxification issues
  • Causes of thyroid imbalances
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Allergies
  • Sleeping disorder
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Fatigue
  • Cholesterol imbalances
  • Digestive function

What Are the Benefits of Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is evolving healthcare. With an emphasis on understanding and addressing the root causes of diseases rather than merely relieving symptoms, this holistic approach integrates traditional medical practices with innovative resources, technologies, and therapies. Functional medicine offers a comprehensive and alternative approach to health and wellness, including the following benefits:

  • Focuses on the Source of Disease: Treatment does more than mask or relieve symptoms; it’s about finding the root cause of medical conditions to heal. Once the cause of an illness is identified, you and your practitioner can discuss lifestyle changes and alternative treatments to prevent disease and optimize better health.
  • A Multidisciplinary Approach: Functional medicine doctors develop a big picture of ailments and patients, diving deep into medical history, genetics, biochemical makeups, and lifestyle and environmental factors, as well as physiology, to address the nature of these conditions. Functional medicine focuses on holistic and integrative medicine with alternative medical treatments to enhance nutrition, movement, sleep, and stress management.
  • A Customized Course of Treatment: By incorporating much of a patient’s history and lifestyle into developing a diagnosis, a course of treatment plan can be highly personalized. We believe in a noninvasive and integrative approach to healthcare, offering alternative treatments to achieve optimal health.

Beautiful facility, staff is so friendly! Michelle Jasper is great, full of great information and has availability most days and times that work around my work schedule! Such a great place, highly recommend!

B.C. Google

I can’t say enough good things about the care at Southwest Mind and Body. The elevate program is really wonderful and targets so many health concerns. The weight loss program and different modalities offered target so many different areas. The providers are very professional and they really care about you and helping you reach your goals whatever they may be. Highly recommend ❤️

S.M. Google

This is the best medical office or aesthetics centered business I’ve ever seen. On top of them offering services like Red Light Sauna, hyperbaric chambers and other treatments that only celebrities can normally access the staff is very kind and KNOWLEDGEABLE at all the machines. Facility is extemely clean and has a calming aesthetic. 5/5 can’t wait to come back!

A.G. Google

This facility is absolutely stunning and feels like home. You walk in and feel at ease. I’m a huge fan of their Sunlighten Sauna and if I could live in it, I would. Prices are competitive and the best in the metroplex. Great place to come alone for some relaxation or for a fun afternoon with friends.

J.J. Google

Had an amazing experience with Dr.Randhawa. She is very attentive to my concerns and coming up with a plan that works. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

C.R. Google


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Live a Healthy Life

Functional medicine is an alternative field of healthcare that specializes in finding the root causes of disease. Our progressive approach can help you manage your wellness journey, considering new and different ways to be healthy. Functional medicine doctors, like Dr. Niti Randhawa, consider the big picture of each patient's physical, mental, emotional, and sometimes even spiritual health. Schedule a consultation at Southwest Mind & Body Care in Dallas, TX to work with our team for better health and quality of life.

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