Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

If you want to evolve how you feel with holistic wellness and new alternative approaches to medicine that are customized to meet your expectations, you've found the right place. Our highly experienced personnel at Southwest Mind & Body Care is proud to treat individuals in and around Dallas, TX with a variety of services and treatments that heal, detox, and provide balance, focus, and energy. Over the years, our practice has had the joy of receiving countless endorsements from men and women of all ages who have experienced our first-class holistic care firsthand. We welcome you to read through our extensive register of reviews and realize the outcomes you could accomplish when you place your faith in our hands.

Reviews for Southwest Mind & Body Care

5.0 Review from B.C. Source: Google Mar 19 2024

"Beautiful facility, staff is so friendly! Michelle Jasper is great, full of great information and has availability most days and times that work around my work schedule! Such a great place, highly recommend!"

5.0 Review from S.M. Source: Google Mar 19 2024

"I can’t say enough good things about the care at Southwest Mind and Body. The elevate program is really wonderful and targets so many health concerns. The weight loss program and different modalities offered target so many different areas. The providers are very professional and they really care about you and helping you reach your goals whatever they may be. Highly recommend ❤️"

5.0 Review from A.G. Source: Google Mar 08 2024

"This is the best medical office or aesthetics centered business I’ve ever seen. On top of them offering services like Red Light Sauna, hyperbaric chambers and other treatments that only celebrities can normally access the staff is very kind and KNOWLEDGEABLE at all the machines. Facility is extemely clean and has a calming aesthetic. 5/5 can’t wait to come back!"

5.0 Review from J.J. Source: Google Mar 04 2024

"This facility is absolutely stunning and feels like home. You walk in and feel at ease. I’m a huge fan of their Sunlighten Sauna and if I could live in it, I would. Prices are competitive and the best in the metroplex. Great place to come alone for some relaxation or for a fun afternoon with friends."

5.0 Review from C.R. Source: Google Feb 29 2024

"Had an amazing experience with Dr.Randhawa. She is very attentive to my concerns and coming up with a plan that works. The staff is very friendly and helpful."

5.0 Review from V.K. Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Dr. Randhawa is the best doctor I have ever used. She took her time with me and went over my previous lab results and really listened to me. I was impressed with her knowledge and bedside manner. She thoroughly explained everything to me and I left with a game plan. This was my first visit, but will not be my last! Definitely worth the long drive! "

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Niti was wonderful! She was extremely nice and calming. I'm going to start using her for all of my general health appointments."

5.0 Review from J.M. Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"She is very good with her manor and her ability to listen is exceptional. I like and trust her."

5.0 Review from B.R. Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"It was wonderful. She is thorough, kind, and extremely competent."

5.0 Review from L. Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Everyone is very nice. Dr. Randhawa was very nice. She took the time to hear what my issues where and listened to my needs. "

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"When leaving the hospital after being treated for a semi-serious injury, they told me to follow up with my PCP which, until now, I didn't have for a long time. The office staff, her bedside manner, wait time, and the level of patient-office-doctor communication all exceed every other I tried after my previous PCP retired...highly recommended."

5.0 Review from M.J. Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"I am always very pleased with Dr Randhawa , I find her very professional and easy to speak with. "

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Dr. Randhawa is an excellent physician. The Medical Assistant was also very professional. However, when I arrived to sign in, the person at the front desk didn't acknowledge me. I also asked for a copy of the visit codes for insurance purposes after my appointment rather than just a receipt of payment. The same person sighed, and acted put out with the request. "

5.0 Review from H.J. Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Dr. Randhawa was fantastic. She was patient, thorough, and very nice. I would gladly go back!"

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Dr Randhawa and staff are excellent in taking care of me. Doctor is very compassionate, takes time to listen and help me with my problems. "

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"She takes her time to explain to you your disease process "

5.0 Review from S.S. Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Dr. Randhawa is amazing and really insightful. The type of doctor my husband and I have been looking for for a long time. Very good listener and very patient. So grateful to have found her and her wonderful staff."

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Pleasant and helpful"

5.0 Review from L.K. Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Dr Randhawa is an amazing physician. She's always been very easy to speak to about anything and isn't forceful about your treatment plan. It's a discussion between you and her, she doesn't make decisions without your input. I recommend her to everyone I know! "

5.0 Review from M.G. Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Dr. Randhawa is fantastic. Even though I am young and healthy she still takes time with me at ever visit and listens to all of my concerns. She is easy to speak with and seems to really care about her patients. I would definitely recommend."

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"I love my doctor, she is wonderful to talk to and is ok dealing with my physical and mental issuesShe tries to help in anyway she can"

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"I really like Dr. Randhawa because she listens to me, I never feel rushed and she understands how to navigate through all the red tape from insurance companies and governmental regulations. She's knowledgable about current treatments and has really helped me with my problems. I highly recommend Dr. Randhawa to anyone who wants to be helped!"

5.0 Review from A.K. Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Dr. Randhawa and her staff are fantastic. She is a holistic practitioner which is rare. She takes the time to listen and uses state of the art testing to diagnose. She looks at issues others doctors seem to ignore such as digestion and adrenals. I find her absolutely fantastic. "

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"She is an excellent doctor with a very good experience. She takes time to explain even small things in a very clear way. More supportive. Highly recommended."

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Dr Randhawa is very attentive. Very understanding of my concerns."

5.0 Review from G. Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Very professional, excellent bed-side mannerHighly recommended!"

5.0 Review from K.L. Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Very knowledgeable. Comfortable to talk to. Thorough"

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Dr. Randhawa is fantastic! She truly cares about her patients and always takes extra steps to ensure overall health and well-being. She is great!"

5.0 Review from R.S. Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"It was my first time seeing Dr. Randhawa. She made me feel really comfortable and she's really easy to talk to. ????"

5.0 Review from L.B. Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"I trust Dr. Randhawa implicitly for my medical care. She is very thorough, very up-to-date in her practice, never gives the appearance of being rushed, and listens to me. I've had occasion to see a lot of doctors over the last year, and Dr. Randhawa is far and away the best of them all."

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Dr. Randhawa takes the time to listen and doesn't rush you, and she has sound and open-minded recommendations."

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Dr. Randhawa is absolutely amazing. Her knowledge blows me away. She takes time to talk with me even if her office is very busy. She is not quick to write a prescription for everything which I love! I highly recommend her. (I am an RN)"

5.0 Review from J. Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"The doctor took her time with meClean waiting room, professional friendly staff. "

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Dr. Randhawa is one of a few really great physicians I have been fortunate to see. She is very attentive, she listens, she does research when she is a difficult issue comes up, and she offers sound advice. She takes the time with the patient during the appointment and always follows up after. I trust her, I respect her expertise, and I really like her as a human being. Great doctor! "

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Love doc randhawa she is very professional, listens to all your questions and concerns."

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Very friendly and didn't make me feel like she was busy. I felt like I had her attention the whole time. Will definitely see her again if I need it. "

5.0 Review from V.K. Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"She was really nice and easy to talk to."

4.0 Review from W.B. Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"visit was good all questions that were ask were answered"

4.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Dr. Randhawa was very professional and easy to talk to. However, I spent a good 20 minutes waiting for her after the nurse took my height, weight, and blood pressure. I also had my appointment rescheduled twice! My complaints are more with the staff at the office than of the doctor herself but overall worth going if you have a free half day to spend."

4.0 Review from J.M. Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Speaking with Dr Randhawa was absolutely pleasant. She really listened to my concerns and didn’t dismiss anything I had to say. The only negative side to the appointment was the 3 hour wait I had. Apparently the are understaffed this week, but I still find it incredibly ridiculous to have waited so long for an appointment that normally would’ve had me in and out within an hour"

4.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Overall the time I spent there was too long. It took 1 hour 15 minutes for my appointment and I arrived on time."

3.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Sep 06 2022

"Dr. Randhawa was pleasant. My only issue was with the check-in process. I made an appointment online and stated the reason for my visit. Yet when I arrived, the staff initially seemed confused about what I wanted/needed done. Also, I was asked for completed documents that I never received ahead of time. In all, there was an issue with communication."

5.0 Review from E.H. Source: Facebook Aug 20 2020

"I highly recommend their laser hair removal treatments. The Fontona laser has worked wonders for me. Cheryl McLeod, is the best laser tech, she is gentle, sweet, and takes her time to ensure that results are perfect. Every time I visit, I leave with a huge smile on my face, always amazed by Cheryl’s service. Will definitely be back for other services."

5.0 Review from K.L. Source: Facebook Jun 03 2020

"One I love all of the doctors I see at this clinic. They really take the time to listen to you as a patient. Two...I LOVE LIZZY, she's the wellness trainer. She has helped and motivated me to want to eat better and work out. She's amazing at what she does she will push you to be your best just know if you follow her completely you'll see changes. I've found my office for life"

5.0 Review from O.S. Source: Facebook May 08 2020

"Great leadership, community oriented and diversity minded physicians! Health services and customer service led by an amazing team!"

5.0 Review from F.S. Source: Facebook Apr 30 2020

"The staff is friendly and efficient, and the doctor makes one feel as if he/she is the only patient in the buildng. Very attentive and thorough during the visit. Invites questions and gives informed answers."

5.0 Review from I.V. Source: Facebook Feb 13 2020

"The providers are really nice and helpful. Plus the two times I have came I go in and out. So you don’t spend hours waiting great service."

5.0 Review from D.H. Source: Facebook Feb 12 2020

"Yes I do recommend it. You should check out doctor katikaneni she truly cares about her patients. She will get you well."

5.0 Review from D.B. Source: Facebook Nov 24 2019

"They are everything. They’re about total health, mentally and physically. I have not seen one Dr here that was in a hurried rushed when they visit with you and that’s what I appreciate. They listen to to your concerns and take action on them."

5.0 Review from I.J. Source: Facebook Nov 21 2019

"I establish Dr. Dharma as my Pcp today after reading all the reviews on here and I must say that she lived up to all the great comments. She is so knowledgeable and has a great personality. Would recommend her for sure. P.s. I also won a starbuck gift card today as well"

5.0 Review from N.K. Source: Facebook Oct 12 2019

"Best Doctors anywhere!!! They really care."

5.0 Review from D.P. Source: Facebook Jul 16 2019

"everything, the doctors are awesome"

5.0 Review from S.R. Source: ZocDoc Jul 09 2019

"Dr Randhawa is very caring, knowledgeable, and comprehensive in her medical concern for her patients. "

5.0 Review from A.L. Source: ZocDoc Apr 23 2019

"She is always very thorough and attentive. She always makes be comfortable. I am blessed to have such an awesome doctor! "

5.0 Review from M.F. Source: ZocDoc Apr 19 2019

"She always takes time to answer all of my questions. She’s thorough and understanding. "

5.0 Review from J.C. Source: ZocDoc Apr 16 2019

"She’s very helpful and gives you all the informations you needed.. her staff, Isabel is very nice and cheerful.."

5.0 Review from K.F. Source: ZocDoc Apr 10 2019

"Everyone from check in to check out was incredibly nice. Dr Randhawa is by far the best Dr I have ever had. She truly listens to you, she talks with you about finding a solution to your issues. I love that she recommends alternative solutions instead of just piling on medications that help symptoms but not the problem. I have never felt rushed with her, she always makes you feel like you are her only patient at that moment. She is incredibly intelligent and kind which are two factors you dont always find on a doctor. I can not recommend her enough."

5.0 Review from S.R. Source: ZocDoc Apr 03 2019

"easy to talk to and listens.. never rushes me... compassionate "

5.0 Review from S.T. Source: Facebook Mar 01 2019

"Nice clean office, and very friendly staff!"

5.0 Review from H.L. Source: ZocDoc Feb 14 2019

"good visit wil ll have follow up in 2 weeks."

5.0 Review from A.H. Source: ZocDoc Feb 04 2019

"Excellent bedside manners. Always attentive."

5.0 Review from J.M. Source: Facebook Jan 19 2019

"so.far. very happy with them. very professional"

5.0 Review from L.B. Source: ZocDoc Jan 15 2019

"Dr. Randhawa really listens to you and offers great solutions. She thinks outside the box not like other physicians."

5.0 Review from L.T. Source: Facebook Dec 28 2018

"They are so professional Nice atmosphere. Listen to you when telling them what's wrong. Love my dr. Dr. Dharma"

5.0 Review from D.H. Source: Facebook Dec 20 2018

"Great staff. Dr. Dharma is very professional."

5.0 Review from A.K. Source: Facebook Nov 27 2018

"Excellent group of caring providers . My patient complimented her PCP in this group a lot. I'm glad they take such good care of their patients"

5.0 Review from K.E. Source: ZocDoc Nov 14 2018

"It is refreshing to have a doctor who listens with interest."

5.0 Review from M.L. Source: Facebook Oct 05 2018

"The family friendliness of the Doctors."

5.0 Review from W.J. Source: Facebook Sep 20 2018

"dr dharma is a real sweet dr when you are sick she get to the bottom of it amen"

5.0 Review from J.A. Source: ZocDoc Sep 19 2018

"I can’t say enough about how excellent Dr Randhawa is! She is the only one who takes the time to help me with my health issues! I would recomend her to anyone ,including my family!,"

5.0 Review from K.M. Source: ZocDoc Sep 16 2018

"I absolutely love her! Very attentive and she actually listens to your concerns. "

5.0 Review from M.T. Source: ZocDoc Sep 12 2018

"Always love seeing Dr Randhawa. She is always very attentive to my needs and personable. Got me in and out within the hour. "

5.0 Review from J.B. Source: ZocDoc Sep 11 2018

"Always enjoyable and Dr Randawa has a new nurse that was wonderful! "

5.0 Review from N.W. Source: Facebook Sep 07 2018

"Always listen and discuss. Not a single bad experience"

5.0 Review from B.B. Source: ZocDoc Aug 30 2018

"Dr. Randhawa has up-to-the-minute info for all my healthcare questions. Knowledgeable, caring, goes out of her way to be certain all your concerns are addressed. "

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Aug 30 2018

"Even though I'm healthy and just go in for check ups, I love that Dr. Randhawa always takes times with me and doesn't rush. "

5.0 Review from K.M. Source: Facebook Aug 29 2018

"Walked in, short wait, great doctor.... You can tell customer service is high on da priority list....."

5.0 Review from S.H. Source: Facebook Aug 27 2018

"I recommend South West Family especially Dr. Dharma because they care sincerely. U never feel like a number but a person. They genuinely want the best for those under their care,not just the doctors it's the entire staff. Oh and I do and have recommended my family and many of my friends.God bless them."

5.0 Review from J.T. Source: ZocDoc Aug 02 2018

"Dr. Randhawa is so nice and very concerned about your health, she takes her time to listen to you & she takes her time to explain everything to you, & she's very knowledgeable, I trust her judgement."

5.0 Review from J.D. Source: ZocDoc Jul 26 2018

"she is very kind. she takes the time to listen. She is great."

5.0 Review from S.Q. Source: ZocDoc Jul 10 2018

"Friendly and thorough. Willing to work with other medical professionals for the best outcome."

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Jun 15 2018

"The doctor was very thorough. She took a lot of time with me and asked tons of questions and answered all of mine. Grateful for her care."

5.0 Review from N.D. Source: ZocDoc Jun 14 2018

"She Is so thourough and caring. I’ve nevwr seen any physician as detailed and thoughtful as her. I have been a patient over 8 years and even after moving almost 45 minutes from her office I would never go to anyone else. "

5.0 Review from V.T. Source: ZocDoc May 16 2018

"She was my doctor for last 3 years. she is accurate in her diagnosis and patient in explaining side effects and cause of problem with necessary documents. i would have continued if i haven't moved to another city."

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc May 01 2018

"Dr Randhawa is always very attentive and does a great job of listening. Her recommendations are based on my situation, not a formula. Her staff is always friendly and helpful too. "

5.0 Review from T.J. Source: Facebook Apr 25 2018

"1st time patient. Dr Jennifer Cohen was super attentive & caring. The clinic is very nice & high tech. I found a good fit. I would recommend her to anyone."

5.0 Review from S.B. Source: ZocDoc Apr 25 2018

"Dr. Randhawa was great! I was apprehensive because I hate going to the doctor, meds, or anything related. She was awesome. You won’t be let down at all!"

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Apr 10 2018

"As always she is kind and concerned. Long wait time is because she spends the time you need to be taken care of!!"

5.0 Review from T.T. Source: ZocDoc Mar 01 2018

"She's awesome! Very approachable and very knowledgable! I would recommend her highly...and I have been recommending her for years!"

5.0 Review from R.M. Source: Facebook Feb 27 2018

"I go way back with Dr. Dharma, Dr. Frannie Clark was my Dr. before Dr. Dharma . When Dr. F Clark retired her practice Dr. Dharma was just starting her practice there with Dr. f.Clark so I went with Dr. Dharma. I first was like oh no ! She is to young to be a Dr. I don’t know about this, but little did I know she worked (Dr. Dharma) so hard side by side with Dr. Frannie Clark . Dr. Dharma learned a lot from Dr Clark ... I worked for Dr. Dharma and I loved working for her. she is the best . I can go in the office sick as hell. and leave it to Dr Dharma she will get me well by the next day. I recommend her to anybody!!! Don’t know if Dr. Dharma knows but most of my family go there and they love Dr. Dharma . It used to be like the waiting time !!! Oh no to long for me but Now ? I go in and out .. I am very happy with the staff at southwest family medical . I give it a five star �"

5.0 Review from S.H. Source: ZocDoc Feb 05 2018

"She is an awesome Doctor that really cares about her patients. "

5.0 Review from G.T. Source: ZocDoc Dec 20 2017

"I've been going to Dr. Randhawa for many years and she's a great doctor! Highly recommend!"

5.0 Review from R.S. Source: ZocDoc Dec 07 2017

"Best doctor I have ever had. ??????"

5.0 Review from T.D. Source: Facebook Nov 15 2017

"Recently I consulted with Dr. Shalini Katikaneni for treatment of a few geriatric issues primarily early stages of dementia diagnosed about three years ago. I was astounded by her candor, empathy and expertise on the subject. She was attentive to my complaints and quickly zeroed in with an aggressive course of treatment. I wish our paths crossed a few years ago. Better late than never. I highly recommend Dr Shalini for geriatric care"

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Nov 15 2017

"Great knowledgeable and caring Doctor!"

3.0 Review from B.B. Source: ZocDoc Nov 08 2017

"I enjoyed my visits with the doctor the practices patient follow up is horrible. After 18 days of not receiving my lab results and 5 phone calls not returned I reached out to Lab Corps to get my results. I had several test that came back abnormal so the Dr. not calling me back (after 5 calls) or even reaching out to provide me with my results is what is prompting this bad review. I will be taking my results to another Dr. and have them help me with any go forward actions. I want to have a doctor who cares about their patients and has the courtesy to return phone calls and follow up with the patient."

5.0 Review from J.A. Source: ZocDoc Nov 01 2017

"Always spends enough time to work WITH me on my healthcare needs. "

5.0 Review from R.M. Source: ZocDoc Oct 26 2017

"I am so glad that ZocDoc helped me find such a fantastic Dr. She is caring and not in a hurry to just prescribe you meds and go....she actually takes the time to try and find the root cause of am issue. I highly recommend! "

5.0 Review from N.K. Source: ZocDoc Oct 17 2017

"She listened attentively to me. I appreciated that she wanted to be certain I knew our next steps for my treatment. I felt like we were working together as a team to deal with my issues. I have already recommended a friend!"

5.0 Review from G.R. Source: ZocDoc Sep 22 2017

"I am so happy I found a doctor that really cares and explains everything you ask. My neighbor recommended her. She is everything she said she would be. The front office even speaks to you. The Nurse is great. She also listens to what you are saying.G. R."

5.0 Review from A.M. Source: Facebook Sep 20 2017

"I posted a review last week regarding a negative experience at the office. I was promptly contacted by Dr. Dharma wanting to determine what the issue was. I was contacted by messenger and by phone. That let me know that my concerns were taken seriously. The conversation confirmed my previous thoughts about Southwest Family Medicine and Associates...a thought of comfort. I didn't feel like I was talking to a Dr. I felt like I was talking to a friend. And that is important to me when actually having to see a Dr for medical issues. Dr. Dharma eased the tension that I was feeling in regards to the negative experience. She went above and beyond to make sure that after our conversation that I was ok not emotionally but also physically. That makes me feel that I matter. Thank you, Thank you,Thank you!"

5.0 Review from S.T. Source: ZocDoc Sep 18 2017

"She is a kind, caring, and extremely knowledgeable physician."

5.0 Review from M.D. Source: ZocDoc Sep 13 2017

"She is professional, knowledgable and kind. A good communicator!"

5.0 Review from D.E. Source: ZocDoc Aug 29 2017

"It was great. Loved her. I wish I had gone to her right from the beginning instead of the other doctor."

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Aug 23 2017

"Dr. Randhawa is an excellent physician. She has helped me so much in the past year and now I feel great! I highly recommend her and her staff! "

5.0 Review from S.P. Source: ZocDoc Aug 15 2017

"Nice visit. "

5.0 Review from T.C. Source: ZocDoc Aug 05 2017

"I've been a patient of Dr. Randhawa for a few years now. She's extremely knowledgeable and compassionate each and every time I visit, as well as very attentive, taking her time to understand why I'm there to best address my concerns before advising treatment. Dr. Randhawa is well connected with a solid network of doctors that she can refer her patients to when needed. Her staff is friendly, professional, and attentive to the patients as well. Definitely quality medical care."

5.0 Review from T.O. Source: Facebook Jul 28 2017

"I love this Dr. Office they are the best and the care that they show when attending you and my Dr is the best Dr there in my opinion ( Dr Jaiswal )"

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Jun 19 2017

"As a new patient, Dr. Randhawa took time to sit and talk with me about any concerns I had and provided me with relevant online medical websites."

5.0 Review from K.M. Source: Facebook Apr 27 2017

"Great family practice. Love Dr Conard, Angela his NP and all the staff. They are great."

5.0 Review from K.S. Source: ZocDoc Mar 29 2017

"Dr. Randhawa is awesome, a wonderful mixture of professional and personal."

5.0 Review from S.R. Source: ZocDoc Mar 23 2017

"Dr takes the time and discusses with you. Makes you feel like you are more than just a number"

5.0 Review from B.K. Source: ZocDoc Mar 20 2017

"Rare doctor great communicator and makes you feel confident "

5.0 Review from V.S. Source: Facebook Mar 20 2017

"Southwest Family Medicine Associates is a WONDERFUL medical practice! Dr. Chrisette Dharma has been my physician for over 15 years and I have always received the best care from her and her staff. I highly recommend Dr. Dharma ... She is the BEST!"

5.0 Review from D.R. Source: Facebook Feb 11 2017

"I discovered this clinic through an ex. Left the ex and stayed with the clinic. Dr. Dharma is truly a saint. She has the best bedside manner I have ever experienced! The staff is always friendly very attentive. Dr. D is fantastic I truly �her. Thank you for all that you have done for me!!!"

5.0 Review from A.M. Source: Facebook Feb 10 2017

"Love the treatment they give me and my family GOOD MEDICAL TEAM🖒🖒"

5.0 Review from S.H. Source: ZocDoc Feb 06 2017

"Dr. Randhawa is a great doctor and the staff was very nice! They saw me right at my appointment time and I didn't have to book a year in advance like some doctors I've seen before. She listened to everything that I needed to talk about and didn't rush me at all. I was very pleased with my visit."

5.0 Review from S.S. Source: Facebook Jan 27 2017

"Dr. Dharma has been my PCP for 10+ years & I absolutely love her! She was my mom's PCP first, then my dad & when I was in need of a new Dr. I started coming to her after literally begging my mom for her info (she didn't want to share her Dr with anyone.. lol.) She's very thorough, caring & goes above & beyond to make sure her patients needs are taken care of. I know when I come to SFMA my needs will be taken care of."

5.0 Review from A.J. Source: ZocDoc Dec 29 2016

"Dr. Randhawa was very professional and very easy to talk to and comfortable to be around. She put me at ease very quickly, got ask the information she needed and ordered all the tests very quickly without me feeling rushed. Overall it was a very positive experience. "

5.0 Review from E.J. Source: ZocDoc Dec 24 2016

"Very thorough & professional. She was very interested in my concerns & reassuringly answered all of my questions."

5.0 Review from R.M. Source: ZocDoc Dec 19 2016

"She is a great Doctor, so kind and she explains all about your case..."

5.0 Review from E.A. Source: Facebook Dec 07 2016

"I don't usually take the time to write reviews but I MUST with my visit with Dr. Dharma. I never had a primary doctor and honestly it's because I've never liked any of the doctors I visited. Dr. Dharma changed all that and now I can say she's my doc. Guys, Dr. Dharma is phenomenal! She actually cares about your well being and shows it. If you look at the reviews how many of them are negative? My point exactly. If you're looking for an amazing doctor look no further. You found her"

5.0 Review from L.S. Source: ZocDoc Dec 07 2016

"Dr. Randhawa is terrific - highly recommended! She is very personable during the appointment, always reads up on my file before seeing me, and takes great care of me. Couldn't ask for more! "

5.0 Review from T.B. Source: Facebook Dec 05 2016

"Best medical care ever!! Dr "ALLAUDIN" best care ever!!"

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Dec 05 2016

"Dr. Randhawa quickly, accurately and effectively asseses a situation when all different matters of health are thrown her way at one time. "

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Nov 22 2016

"I was so thrilled with my experience with Dr. Randhawa. She was so personable and attentive. She listened to my every concern. It is evident Dr. Randawa is highly knowledgeable on that she has many facets to her medical knowledge. I feel as if I am in great hands. Her staff was lovely and professional. Going to the doctor has never felt so good. "

5.0 Review from P.P. Source: Facebook Nov 09 2016

"Have been going for years ,very professional.great Doctors. Try them out."

5.0 Review from B.T. Source: ZocDoc Oct 24 2016

"Very thorough in her explanations of office visits pertaining to my health & prescription needs"

5.0 Review from J.A. Source: ZocDoc Oct 21 2016


5.0 Review from W.R. Source: Facebook Sep 30 2016

"Dr Dharma and her staff is the best took good care of me thank you"

5.0 Review from J.K. Source: Facebook Sep 27 2016

"My elder parents seen Dr Dharma for years. She helped our family through some tough times and gave us some great advice. Our father suffers from altzheimers. Because of her we were able to care for him when he needed it most. Thank you Dr Dharma from the Miles Family"

5.0 Review from A.O. Source: ZocDoc Sep 23 2016

"She is an awesome doctor. She is very caring. And I trust her! "

5.0 Review from J.T. Source: ZocDoc Sep 13 2016

"Dr. Randhawa was very professional & personable. Easy to talk to and I felt like she was listening with her full attention, not rushing me. She was knowledgeable and offered solutions to try. The staff was also professional and kind. I will definitely be going back."

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Aug 24 2016

"She was wonderful and caring and knowledgeable about always!"

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Aug 02 2016

"Thanks Dr Randhawa!"

5.0 Review from E.W. Source: ZocDoc Jul 15 2016

"Dr. Randhawa and her staff are so great! I feel completely comfortable there."

5.0 Review from N.L. Source: ZocDoc Jul 12 2016

"Fantastic bedside manner from Dr. Niti! Everyone in the office was personable. Office atmosphere was very inviting. "

5.0 Review from P.V. Source: ZocDoc Jul 06 2016

"It was excellent!!!"

5.0 Review from M.R. Source: ZocDoc Jul 01 2016

"Dr. Randhawa, Such an amazing doctor with high regard for her patients total health. I personally travel 5 hours round trip to she her. "

5.0 Review from C.B. Source: ZocDoc Jun 30 2016

"Dr. Randhawa is very friendly and easy to talk with. She is caring, careful, and considerate. She treats my concerns with respect and doesn't try to push unnecessary treatments or procedures. I like her very much and would recommend her highly."

5.0 Review from N.S. Source: ZocDoc Jun 29 2016

"After a couple of great visits myself, this one was the first for my teenaged son. Just like mine, Dr. Randhawa was awesome."

5.0 Review from C.R. Source: ZocDoc Jun 08 2016

"Dr Randhawa is very knowledgeable about the medical questions that I posed and she provided a detailed recommendation of what I need to do to get where I need to be: health-wise. She is very professional, patient and I had more than ample time to discuss any issues that I have. This was my first visit and based on both the courteous and professional manner in which I interacted with all the office staff, including the receptionist and the medical assistant, I will definitely be back and recommend this practice in the future. Thanks Dr R!"

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Jun 01 2016

"She is caring and concerned. And listens and is a partner in your journey"

5.0 Review from S.G. Source: ZocDoc May 12 2016

"I think her attentiveness is amazing. I love the way she engages with her patients. Her staff makes you feel so welcome and they treat you as if you're the only person that matters at the time. I just love them!"

5.0 Review from B.N. Source: ZocDoc May 12 2016

"She great doctor for me."

5.0 Review from D.T. Source: ZocDoc Mar 30 2016

"Dr Randhawa is awesome. She always listens and I feel like she makes sure that you get the medical attention that's best for you! I'm glad she's my doctor! "

5.0 Review from T.G. Source: ZocDoc Mar 15 2016

"Love her! Seriously, after some of the internists I've had to wade thru the last couple of years to finally find one that wants to partner with you, she's amazing. She listens, wants to know the other doctors you work with so not to duplicate. She listens, then acts. Very rare for a physician now days. I love her staff too. They are as important to me as the doctor. Sweet, caring! Makes a huge difference where I choose to go. When friends ask for a referral, it will be Dr. Randhawa. "

5.0 Review from R.M. Source: ZocDoc Mar 08 2016

"Fantastic , excellent feed back. "

5.0 Review from B.S. Source: ZocDoc Feb 15 2016

"Dr Randhawa is Excellent! Very personable and attentive!I'm SO glad I was referred to her. Nurse and Office Personnelvery nice,efficient and courteous. I HIGHLY recommend to everyone."

5.0 Review from B.H. Source: ZocDoc Jan 27 2016

"So happy I found this doctor!"

5.0 Review from S.J. Source: ZocDoc Jan 27 2016

"Dr. Randhawa and staff were great. I waited less than 15 mins to be seen and she was absolutely wonderful. Extremely patient and answered all of my questions and concerns. I had a great experience from start to finish and I look forward to being treated by her in the future. She is a great Dr. Also, her staff was lovely."

5.0 Review from D.T. Source: ZocDoc Jan 20 2016

"Very impressed with doctor and nurse. Front office needs work."

5.0 Review from D.L. Source: Facebook Jan 14 2016

"Love this place, 15 plus years I've been a patient and was excited to bring my oldest Son for his first visit, since he's of age now. And he Loved his first visit."

5.0 Review from J.G. Source: ZocDoc Dec 31 2015

"Dr. Niti has been very prompt in getting me in for an appointment when it is more serious. She takes time with me to talk and listen to my symptoms. I came to Dallas in 2014 and so glad I found the best doctor ever. "

5.0 Review from B.T. Source: ZocDoc Dec 23 2015

"Dr Randhawa is great. She is warm and personable, deals with questions and issues forthrightly and efficiently, and has a great "bedside manner.""

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Dec 21 2015

"She's great! Very thorough doesn't miss a beat! I'm pleased to have her as my physician. "

5.0 Review from T.L. Source: ZocDoc Dec 02 2015

"My visit with Dr. Randhawa was great, informative, and thorough. Dr. Randhawa and her staff were a pleasure."

5.0 Review from L.A. Source: Facebook Nov 16 2015

"My doctors great place"

5.0 Review from J.S. Source: ZocDoc Nov 09 2015

"Great as usual"

5.0 Review from M.K. Source: ZocDoc Oct 28 2015

"I showed up an hour early because I forgot my appt time, but they were able to accomidate my mistake and get me in early. Dr. Randhawa is attentive and efficient as always. We are newer patients in this office and every experience has been great."

5.0 Review from A.R. Source: ZocDoc Oct 19 2015

"I love Dr. Randhawa- I refer people to her all the time. I find her bedside manner amazing and she is so open to finding the right solutions for the patients."

5.0 Review from M.H. Source: ZocDoc Sep 28 2015

"Dr. Randhawa is intelligent, caring, and is willing to take time to explain and educate at every doctor visit. I am so grateful that I found her!"

5.0 Review from S.B. Source: Facebook Sep 09 2015

"Thanks for sharing, I must say your posts are lovely and interesting, but we are not friends on Facebook only on this page, I tried sending you a friends request but it didn't seem to go through, Kindly click on my profile here at the comment section and kindly send me a friend request....Thank You"

5.0 Review from L.Z. Source: ZocDoc Aug 31 2015

"She was very attentive to all my needs and everyone in the office was very friendly and helpful!! Great doctor. "

5.0 Review from D.K. Source: ZocDoc Aug 06 2015

"She is definitely the best doctor I have ever had!"

5.0 Review from E.W. Source: Facebook Jul 14 2015

"They're awesome!! People friendly, Always smiling and ready to help.."

5.0 Review from L.V. Source: Facebook Jul 07 2015

"This is the way 21st health services should be! Easy to make an appointment & see a doctor (within 90 mins of calling), easy self check in & payment process, quick testing & diagnosis, plus pharmacist down the hall which made the experience cost & time efficient. #loveDrD"

5.0 Review from O.F. Source: ZocDoc Jul 03 2015

"I thought it was very nice and professionally handled. She has a great beside manner, and showed expressed interest in my well being. Thank you Dr. Randhawa"

5.0 Review from L.M. Source: ZocDoc Jun 26 2015

"Dr. Randhawa has been my GP for I think at least ten years. She is one of kindest people....doesn't rush you out of the office or suggests unnceccary tests. I have referred her to my family and friends and they all adore her are so grateful for the recommendation.I changed insurance policies when I found out she was not on the list of providers.Amazing doctor and human being. Linda M"

5.0 Review from E.G. Source: ZocDoc Jun 16 2015

"Dr. Randhawa is passionate and lucid with what she say's and do. Someone who really listens to what you are saying and explicate in terms that makes it easy for you to understand. She never rushes you in and out, time is trivial."

5.0 Review from T.S. Source: ZocDoc Jun 11 2015

"I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Randhawa. I have been a patient for about 5 years and I am staying."

5.0 Review from J.C. Source: ZocDoc May 28 2015

"Had a wonderful experience Dr Randhawa. Her patience and time she took to listen me was wonderful My many thanks to debDr Randhawa "

5.0 Review from J.B. Source: ZocDoc May 21 2015

"She is very thorough!"

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc May 20 2015

"Dr Randawah was great very informative and thorough. I had anxiety over getting my blood taken but both her and the nurse made it very comfortable and easy for me. Hands down, best Dr. and nurse I've ever had!"

5.0 Review from R.P. Source: ZocDoc May 20 2015

"It was great! Dr. Randhawa was pleasant. She addressed all of my concerns and also prescribed a course of action to ensure that my good health is maintained."

5.0 Review from L.B. Source: ZocDoc May 12 2015

"Dr Randhawa takes her time no matter what her other pressure. She addresses the issues thoroughly. She cares about addressing the issues on the patients terms - a rare quality in a doctor"

5.0 Review from N.S. Source: ZocDoc May 12 2015

" Thanks for your effective analysis and diagnosis. "

5.0 Review from F.G. Source: ZocDoc Apr 24 2015

"Treated very personal."

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Apr 10 2015

"I've been seeing Dr Randhawa for 2+ years and she takes great care of me. So appreciate how thorough she is. I found her when my mother moved to town and needed to establish with a dr. My mother raved about her so I switched and my sister and niece also have her as their dr. I guess you can say she's our family doctor."

5.0 Review from L.L. Source: ZocDoc Apr 08 2015

"Dr. Randhawa is really wonderful. She is warm, kind and very dedicated. She listens to everything you have to say and then works with you on the best solution. I really enjoyed my visits with her and loved how proactive she was.It was hard to get a response from her nurse but I do believe she has since left the practice. "

5.0 Review from B.W. Source: Facebook Mar 11 2015

"Probably my best physician visit yet. Staff is great and all services are onsite. Great job gang!"

5.0 Review from B.B. Source: ZocDoc Feb 18 2015

"Good visit. She's great at making the patient a partner in care."

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Jan 19 2015

"She's the best!"

5.0 Review from T.M. Source: ZocDoc Jan 03 2015

"Dr Randhawa Is a very personable and friendly doctor. I can't imagine having another PCP."

5.0 Review from K.C. Source: ZocDoc Nov 06 2014

"I was given a physical and all went well as expected"

5.0 Review from J.K. Source: ZocDoc Oct 21 2014

"This was not my first visit so I was acquainted with Dr. Randhawa's personal care of her patients. Since our last visit I had multiple leg surgeries for cancer. Dr. R. spent considerable time reviewing my history. I will return in a week for lab work and then back to see Dr. R. for my wellness treatment.John"

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Oct 01 2014

"I was so impressed with Dr. Randhawa, she spent ample time with me and spoke to all of my concerns. It is evident that she truly cares about her patients and is interested in healing the whole person, not just treating the symptoms. Will recommend her to everyone I know. "

5.0 Review from C.W. Source: ZocDoc Aug 15 2014

"She is very friendly and took time to explain everything to me. Very cool doctor. Will see her again in the future."

5.0 Review from C.V. Source: ZocDoc Aug 06 2014

"Very satisfied. I have not received the prescriptions she sent to Trinity? Is there a problem?"

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: ZocDoc Jul 29 2014

"She makes going to the doctor easy. "

5.0 Review from S.T. Source: ZocDoc Jul 08 2014

"Dr. Randhawa was very easy to talk to. Also, she is compassionate. Very helpful and knowledgable."