Electrotherapy Pain Management in Dallas, TX

What Is Electrotherapy Pain Management?

Electrical stimulation or electrotherapy can be utilized for pain management. Electrotherapy with H-Wave® can help speed recovery and manage chronic or post-surgical pain. H-Wave is a noninvasive, drug-free rehabilitative device that provides electrical stimulation to relieve pain, repair function, and restore range of motion. The difference between H-Wave and other transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS devices, is that H-Wave focuses on the root cause of symptoms and stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which are vital to a speedy and successful recovery. This cutting-edge technology also continues to work long after the device is turned off. H-Wave at Southwest Mind & Body Care may be an excellent noninvasive electrotherapy approach to pain management. Schedule a consultation with our Dallas, TX team to find out if electrotherapy for pain management can provide the relief you’re looking for.

How Does Electrotherapy Pain Management Work?

Electrotherapy pain management with H-Wave utilizes a mild current via electrode pads in two frequencies for rehabilitation and pain relief. A low frequency contracts muscle fibers to promote blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and tissue repair for a quicker recovery. A high frequency shuts down chronic, post-surgical, or post-traumatic pain signals at the nerve, providing long-lasting pain relief. Stimulating blood flow gives cells in the body more energy and nutrients for regeneration. A better lymphatic drainage system detoxifies the body, reducing inflammation and boosting healing.

H-Wave therapy is safe and effective at stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which are vital for recovery. With better blood flow, your cells have more energy and nutrients to repair themselves. In addition, better lymphatic drainage ensures that waste products are washed away, reducing inflammation. These combined effects boost healing, relax muscle spasms, and prevent atrophy in a session that typically lasts 30 – 60 minutes.

What Are the Benefits of Electrotherapy Pain Management?

Electrotherapy can provide life-changing pain relief. Studies have shown positive results with H-Wave therapy that support rehabilitation and pain management, improving function and the ability to walk or lift, and reducing or eliminating the need for pain medication. Other significant benefits include:

  • Improves blood flow
  • Decreases swelling
  • Increases range of motion
  • Alleviates muscle spasms
  • Causes no side effects

Beautiful facility, staff is so friendly! Michelle Jasper is great, full of great information and has availability most days and times that work around my work schedule! Such a great place, highly recommend!

B.C. Google

I can’t say enough good things about the care at Southwest Mind and Body. The elevate program is really wonderful and targets so many health concerns. The weight loss program and different modalities offered target so many different areas. The providers are very professional and they really care about you and helping you reach your goals whatever they may be. Highly recommend ❤️

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This is the best medical office or aesthetics centered business I’ve ever seen. On top of them offering services like Red Light Sauna, hyperbaric chambers and other treatments that only celebrities can normally access the staff is very kind and KNOWLEDGEABLE at all the machines. Facility is extemely clean and has a calming aesthetic. 5/5 can’t wait to come back!

A.G. Google

This facility is absolutely stunning and feels like home. You walk in and feel at ease. I’m a huge fan of their Sunlighten Sauna and if I could live in it, I would. Prices are competitive and the best in the metroplex. Great place to come alone for some relaxation or for a fun afternoon with friends.

J.J. Google

Had an amazing experience with Dr.Randhawa. She is very attentive to my concerns and coming up with a plan that works. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

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Energize Your Body

Our trained professionals at Southwest Mind & Body Care offer specialized electrotherapy for pain management with the latest H-Wave technology. As part of your treatment plan, the H-Wave device can be customized to help energize your body with better blood flow and lymphatic drainage to support recovery and pain management. To find out more about electrotherapy pain management and how our team can help you heal, contact our practice in Dallas, TX.

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